How to force branches
Not only is she a formidable sales coordinator, Carina Guldager in our team is also born with "green fingers". She is an experienced garden expert. In this DIY she shares her best tips and tricks for forcing branches in bloom inside your home. Even though it is cold outside, you can easily start spring indoors. Forcing the spring branches in January, February and March can advantageously be done as follows:
It is important that you use a very sharp knife. The branches are cut from the tree with a sharp cut across the branch. This way they can easily absorb water when indoor.
Place the branches in a vase of water. The winter branches must now be placed in a cool, but light room. The next day you can take them into the living room.
During a good week’s time, the branches will start to shoot. Keep the water free of flowers and leaves so that nothing lies and rots. Feel free to change water often so that you extend the durability of the branches. Trees with the greatest success for cultivation in the winter months are Birch, Hassel, Cherry and Willow.
Organic vase with spring branches
Bonus info

Not only are the garden branches extremely decorative in large vases, the branches are also far more sustainable for the climate than cut off on imported flowers from the florist.
Team Nordstjerne