Nordstjerne was founded by Henriette Bach in 2012 thus - we are celebrating 10 years of beautiful designs this year.
What started with a fascination for Greenlandic seal skin and Christmas decor is now a hugely popular interior brand sold around the world.

We are celebrating our anniversary by spoiling you with new collections and spectacular handmade designs.

We find a deeper meaning in using carefully selected materials and responsible qualities are a must for us in both production and with regards to the human hands that are producing them.


Stay Safe!

Kære kunder og samarbejdspartnere,

Verdenssamfundet står lige nu i en alvorlig situation, som kræver at vi alle står sammen – dog ikke i fysisk forstand!

 Vi, i Nordstjerne, følger regeringens retningslinier og arbejder hjemme, mens vi passer vores børn og holder dem hjemme. Vi må alle gøre vores for at mindske smittemulighederne og passe på hinanden.

Vi er kun 1 af gangen på vores lager for at mindske risikoen for smitte. Vores webshop er stadig åben og vi sender varer afsted.

Det vigtigste er at begrænse smitten og sikre at sygehusvæsenet kan følge med. Vi må være solidariske i vores beslutninger. Når vi alle skal holde os for os selv er der selvsagt mange små butikker som har det ekstremt hårdt, og vi opfordrer derfor alle til at hjælpe hvor de kan. De fleste butikker har en webshop, så hvis du mangler noget vil vi anbefale dig at støtte din lokale butik.

Få sendt blomster til din veninde eller mor, send fødselsdagsgaven direkte afsted i stedet for at aflevere den personligt.

Lad os stå sammen – hver for sig ❤


Dear customers and partners,

The world society is currently facing a serious situation which calls for all of us to stand together - though not in a physical meaning!

We, at Nordstjerne, are following the governments guidelines and are working from home, while taking care of our children and keeping them at home. We must all do our part to lessen the infection and take care of each other.

We are only one person at the warehouse at all times to lessen the risk of contagion. Our webshop is still open and we do ship out orders.

The most important thing is to keep the virus at a minimum and make sure the healthcare sector can keep up. We must show solidarity in all our decisions.
When we are all called to stay home, it is obvious that most small businesses struggle and we urge everyone who is available to help out where you can. Most shops have a website where you can order, we recommend you to support your local shop in any way possible.

Send flowers to your mom or friend or have that certain birthday present sent instead of delivering it yourself.

Let us stand together - alone ❤


Lots of corduroy and warm colors in our new collection

There is no doubt that velvet is still trending within home accessories, however, when it comes to exploiting the newest interior trends, we do not rest on our laurels. This year, we are inspired by the courageous fashion trends for our new textile collection, such as the use of corduroy and velvet. Especially corduroy has this amazing softness and luxurious feeling, which we believe softens and completes the Nordstjerne universe.

The entire collection exudes calmness and decadence with its deep and warm colors: nude grey, rust, caramel, chocolate, green tea and desert sand.

Rattan baskets 

There is no doubt that rattan furniture is one of the hottest trends right now, and combined with our vision of using authentic materials, we welcome nature inside with these beautiful, handmade rattan baskets. 

Fill the baskets with warm blankets for chilly summer nights on the terrace, as a decorative storing item for your favourite magazines or perhaps as a charming laundry basket in the bedroom.