A hint of everyday glamour
Nordstjerne designs home accessories which combines functionality with a hint of dekadence. We are greatly inspired by the rawness of the Scandinavian and Nordic landscapes and we wish to bring that unique feeling indoor with Nordstjerne’s simple yet elegant items that can fit any interior.
When Henriette Bach, founder of Nordstjerne, back in 2012 as one of the first designers launched marble at Danish interior fairs, customers were attracted to the smooth and elegant material – but didn’t really dare to order it. That all soon changed and today Nordstjerne is not only known to be a pioneer in marble but the latest collections include several other materials including solid brass and coloured suede. The trendy design and genuine materials has caught the attention of bloggers, trendsetters and design lovers around the globe and today the business has spread to more than 30 countries worldwide.
Henriette frequently visits Nordstjerne's suppliers in India and other places to ensure that all products are of the highest quality and that the people producing Nordstjerne's products have acceptable working conditions. "We prefer long term relationships with our suppliers in order to maintain our high level of quality." Actually, even though the weekly shipping counts more than hundreds of boxes, jars, vases etc. around the world, every item is still personally inspected by Henriette and her colleagues before it leaves the warehouse north of Copenhagen.

Henriette Schytz Bach - Founder of Nordstjerne

Inspired by the world
Autumn 2011, Henriette Bach cut the first item which was to be the foundation of her later worldwide design business. Henriette’s husband has spent a period of his life working in Greenland and had brought home some sustainable Greenlandic sealfur. Henriette Bach was struck by the beauty of the seal fur. That autumn she made some Christmas ornaments for herself in the soft, raw material and soon friends stood in line to have some as well.
’Well, could this be a business’, Henriette Bach thought. After 13 years as an air hostess, she longed for exploring the more creative side of her personality, and she soon combined her knowledge of secret local ’Aladdin Hollows of handcraft’ with a talent for spotting trends and started designing her own products.
The demand has been overwhelming and today, Christmas ornaments is still a large part of Nordstjerne. In 2012, Nordstjerne introduced marble to the Danish market and business levelled as a rocket. Since then several more collections and materials have been introduced and today, Nordstjerne doesn’t have to worry about fetching new retailers, but more about meeting the increasing demand for the company’s elegant and functional products. Every month new countries are added, and you can find Nordstjerne in both Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, South Korea, USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Iceland, Belgium, Holland, France, UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Faroe Islands, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Austria  – and probably a couple more since this was written.