Meet the Team

Henriette Bach, Founder & Creative Director
"To me interior design is all about senses and impressions. The eye seeks beautiful things to explore; hands long for feeling the materials.

I feel that it is in the combination of our senses the magic happens. I am 100 percent driven by my senses. The TACTILE IMPRESSION of different materials awakens my curiosity. My way of designing is very heart and stomach driven and not so much based on latest trends.

I get inspired by everything surrounding me, my home, a walk in the forest, a trip to the beach, travelling to large cities, visiting galleries & museums.

Overall MATERIALS, SHAPES, COLORS catches my eye and inspires me."

Mia Schytz, Partner & Administrative Director

"Whereas the creative part of Nordstjerne thrives in unregulated chaos, Mias comfort zone is structure, “fitting in boxes” and obeying procedures, rules and regulations.

That COMFORT ZONE is not only challenged by the creative environment in her worklife, but also by being a mother to a very lively toddler. “Becoming a mother is definitely the most fantastic thing that ever happened to me and my son is the most important thing in my life. He has taught me that I am stronger than I ever imagined and am able to overcome much more than I thought possible. He has definitely challenged my need for “law & order” - It ́s like motherhood expands your CAPACITY TO OVERCOME, do, act and be.

I love being a mother & I love my job."